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Global career opportunities

With operations in Europe, South America and South Asia, we offer exciting opportunities for those who dream of an international career.

For many of our employees, assignments abroad are an opportunity to accelerate their careers by trying entirely new roles and acquiring local knowledge in a global context. As Europe's largest renewable energy producer and the tenth-largest worldwide, we can offer you opportunities around the world.

Some of our employees take on shorter assignments at one of our offices or power plants, while others take a step further and move permanently to another part of the world. We also offer a trainee programme with international rotations to facilitate personal development.

Are you harbouring an ambition of an international career? Then Statkraft is the place for you.

Laurent Gonzalo
"My position demands a sophisticated cultural understanding and my assignments both in Chile and Brazil were therefore extremely valuable both from a professional and a personal point of view. At the same time, it opened up many new potential career paths."
Laurent Gonzalo
VP Development & Commercial strategy
Black and white photo of men in power mast
Photo: Statkraft

Masts at Nore power plant

Europe: The power centre of the Group

Europe is Statkraft's birthplace and power centre. Our 125-year history began with Norwegian hydropower. Since then, we have evolved to become the largest renewable energy producer in continental Europe with a broad portfolio of hydropower, wind power and solar power. In addition, we are a leading centre of expertise in the purchase and sale of energy products, and we are well established as a provider of tailor-made energy solutions and market access for smaller renewable energy producers.

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Sunlight on city
Rio de Janeiro
Photo: Julianna Kaiser on Unsplash

South America: Growth on the agenda

Statkraft arrived in South America in 2002 with unique expertise in hydropower. Our business model was based on the acquisition, development, ownership and operation of hydropower resources on the continent. We are now strengthening our focus on wind and solar power and expanding our customer operations. We aim to become a major renewable operator in South America so that we can deliver clean and affordable energy to the local market. To achieve that, we need talented people on our team.

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Fast moving traffic
Photo: Robin Pierre on Unsplash

Asia: Renewable fast track

The energy market in Asia is developing rapidly and we have been on board since the 1990s. With significant hydropower resources and a huge energy demand, Asia has been designated as a strategic growth area for Statkraft in hydropower, wind power and solar power. As part of our Asia initiative, you will have the opportunity to work under local conditions while backed by global expertise.

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